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A site dedicated to the art of catching images

of small objects inside minerals and gemstones




I used to be a member of a group of artists, Eldhåg*, up until 2009 where I have practiced many types of artistic disciplines. From painting, sculpting and digital imaging to installations, photography and now photomicrography. Eldhåg has one annual exhibition which always takes place the first saturday of august.


Modern printing techniques with inks and papers of museum quality makes production of fine art from digital images possible. The life expectancy of art objects produced in this way is up to 200 years.

All images produced for exhibition or other art purposes by me, are printed with such inks and on two different types of paper. The first type is professional quality photopaper supposed to keep freshness 60+ years. The second is museum quality paper from acid free cotton lint which together with the ink fulfils the criteria for Fine Art of up to 200 years.


*Eldhåg is a very old scandinavian word meaning "Fire mind" or "burning for a specific cause".




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Images intended for production of art objects. Online images are low resolution and not well suited for printing.


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