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A site dedicated to the art of catching images

of small objects inside minerals and gemstones




My interest in photographing inclusions in gemstones, crystals and minerals was born when using the microscope to identify gemstones. My first attempts at capturing what I saw through the microscope was done during the mid 80's. By then I used dia positive 135 film and a home made adapter fitting over the ocular tube.


The years went by and in the late 90's I stopped working professionally as gemologist and gem cutter and got into the IT business where I still reside professionally.


I never gave up the interest in gemstones and gemology completely and have kept many cut and rough stones even if most of the collection was scattered.


In 2008 I got a cheap Microscope and built a new adapter. This time for the digital camera. From there it has evolved and still does. Much thanks to new friends found at Gemology Online.








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