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A site dedicated to the art of catching images

of small objects inside minerals and gemstones




Name: Conny Forsberg

Born: Yes, in 1961

Nationality: Swedish

Gemological education: Gem-A 1986-1987, diploma 1987. Diamond grading HRD, Antwerp 1993.


Gemological experience: RUBECO, Sweden 1987 - 1990, GeoCity, Sweden 1991 - 1993, Octahedron AB, Sweden 1993 - 1998.
2006 - present, Head gemologist at Swedish Gem

Gem and diamond cutting/trading experience: 1984 - 1999, 2006 - present


Present profession: Accredited PRINCE2 Project Manager in public sector as well as owner, precision cutter and senior gemologist at Swedish gem.


Interests: My work, my family, my house, gems, gemology and inclusions. I also like traveling, art, history, architecture, books, cooking, friends (close and distant) and for sports I choose IPSC Revolver Division.

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Columbia Café
2012-02-17 to 2012-04-05


Gem-A Photographic Competition
2011 Honourable mention


Boxholms Kommun, Biblioteket
2011-09-12 to 2011-09-30


Annual Garden Art Exhibition

1998 - 2009


Galleri Kopparslagaren, Hultsfred



Kisa Wärdshus/Kinda konstförening



Swedish Tissue, Kisa



CSM, Linköping