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A site dedicated to the art of catching images

of small objects inside minerals and gemstones




The equipment needed to accomplish nice images of tiny objects in crystals and gemstones does not have to be very expensive or advanced. But good optics and good light sources are important.


Three things you can not do without are the camera, the adapter and the low power microscope.

The camera can be of fixed or changeable lens type but a resolution of 6MP or higher is needed if you wish to print your images.

Adapters are available for most DSLR camera brands, fitted with what is called a T- or M42 adapter, connecting to the DSLR via one of the ocular tubes. Fixed lens cameras often have to have an adapter made to fit altough adapters can be found for many brands and models.

A low power stereo microscope with good optics and a minimum magnification between 5x and 45x is the most vital part in your setup. If it is equipped with zoom and photoport you are lucky but it is not completely necessary. 


Bright and adjustable light sources are the only way to make sure enough light reaches the camera.





My setup

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Suitable Microscopes
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Light Sources

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Links to sources of importance

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