2010   Conny Forsberg  FGA



A site dedicated to the art of catching images

of small objects inside minerals and gemstones




Today I use the following equipment when chasing and shooting inclusions:


  •  Wild M400 Photomakroskop with 2x auxilliary lens which gives magnifications up to 80x.
  • Nikon D40X DSLR camera with remote control for exposures.
  • Own design of adapter fitting the M400. The adapter is adjustable and can be used with many different brands of DSLR cameras if using the right T-ring.
  • Olympus 150W Halogen Fiber Optic Light Source. Different light guides.
  • LED "Snake lights" with replaced LED's of 20K mcd light intensity.
  • 2x22W IKEA halogen spotlights.
  • Gem clip with side light slits and a magnetic holder making it positionable anywhere on the base.
  • Patience





Images of my present setup. Click to open higher resolution version in new window.

Microscope and Camera


22 watt halogen light

LED snakelights, 20K mcd

150 watt Olympus halogen light source

Clip holder with magnetic base